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The Tour to Raqchi is a package that takes place in the city of the same name. This city is located on the way east, to be more precise, at Km 125 of the Highway to Puno. This tour is a new alternative for learning the ways of living of the communities in or around Raqchi. This is a unique, wonderful and fascinating experience.In this tour, we will visit the Archeological complex dedicated to the God Wiracocha, this is an important archeological complex where we can observe evidences that indicate that raqchi was a complex of multiple constructions, including agricultural terraces for different purposes; ”Kanchas”, ”Wayranas”, and ”Qolqas”. Raqchi was probably considered an important ”Tambo” (A center for collecting food and lodging) on the Collasuyo route.




  • Pickup from the hotel and transfer to the point from where our tour will begin.
  • We begin the tour driving in the tourist bus to the town of Raqchi, Once we arrive to the town, we will accomodate ourselves in the hosts houses. we will get to know some of their traditions, and way of life, Next, we will have a typical lunch.
  • In the afternoon we will take part on the domestic activities, getting first to know their farms, crops and other activities that the locals do.
  • In the evening, we will have a typical dinner and we will participate on the dances prepared by the locals, this is a sign of welcome and after the dance we will spend the night in the house of our host families.


  • In the morning, right after having breakfast, we will have a tour of the interior of the city of Raqchi, we will observe and admire the construction of its houses and streets.
  • Right after that, we will visit the Wiracocha Temple, the residential area where the nobility used to live, the Qolqas (warehouses or granaries) and the Incas Bath.
  • Next, we will see how the beautiful handcrafts and textiles are made by the locals.
  • Once the tour is finished, we will have a typical lunch. In the afternoon we will be driving back to Cusco.

Make your reservation in advance and thus we will obtain the best train schedules



  • Tourist Transportation Cusco -Raqchi - Cusco.
  • Lodging in a local family house Raqchi.
  • Official bilingual guide for the whole tour.
  • Meals: 01 Breakfast, 02 Lunches, 01 Dinner
  • Any other meal not included in the Includes section.
  • Additional Expenses not mentioned.
  • Money transfer fees.
  • IGV Peruvian Passengers.

Important to Bring in your Luggage:

  • Original, valid passport.
  • Cash in dollars and soles.
  • Photo camera.
  • Wide hat or cap for the sun.
  • Sun glasses.
  • Sunscreen lotion.
  • Mosquito repellent, lotion / cream.
  • Comfortable trekking shoes.
  • Comfortable pants for walking.
  • Jacket or coat for the cold cities in the tour.

Lima – Capital city of Peru.

Lima is located on the central coast of the country. The city is on the shores of the pacific ocean and has an estimated 8, 5 million inhabitants. On January the 18th 1535, the city was founded and was given the name of ”King´s city”. Nowadays, the city is the political, financial, and cultural center of the country. Lima is the third most populous city in Hispanic America and also ranks fifth in the most populous cities in South America.

Cusco – Capital city of the Inca Empire.

Cusco o “Qosqo” which in Quechua means ”Navel of the world”, is a city located in the southeast part of the country and also situated in the eastern part of the Andes mountain chain. Cusco is known as the ”Historic capital of the country”. This is because it was the capital of the Inca Empire. The city boasts several churches, palaces, and squares in baroque and neoclassical styles. All these attractions make Cusco the main touristic attraction in Peru. UNESCO has declared Cusco as a ”World Heritage Site” in 1983.



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